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It is time to take IT to the next level. Imagine harmony between your business and IT. 

This is the end of generic support, the end of product lock-in. This is the end of overpriced solutions, with undervalued returns. This is the end of “It can't be done”.

This is the beginning of your business and IT working together to solve problems cost-effectively and implement future embracing solutions to achieve your business goals.

Envision One Solutions is an IT consultant company providing personal and affordable small to medium business computer consulting services to the Chicagoland area, across the United States, and remotely to international offices.


We offer businesses IT administration, IT support, and help desk, and IT project management. Our technical and support team provides comprehensive support to clients in financial, legal, manufacturing, marketing, graphic design industries.We specialize in a variety of technologies, we are platform neutral to our clients, and are environment conscious. We handle computer and network support on many levels that complement or replace your existing IT support.. all at an affordable rate.

Your Support Team _


Your support team is the front lines to our business. They manage your scheduled visits, and address issues and requests by phone or e-mail. All inbound requests are immediately entered into our ticketing system that tracks the progress of your request. Envision One Solutions deliver services remotely or on on-site visits at client offices

The Initial Visit _


On the first visit we'll meet with you and your key staff. We'll discuss outstanding issues, pending requests, and learning about your business systems. Upon request, we'll perform an initial assessment of your network in order to quickly ramp up our knowledge of how your systems are set up. As we uncover any outstanding issues with your network we'll present to you a comprehensive action plan to address them.


Project Management _

We handle your IT projects, small and large. We’ll plan them out with you, assess and address any obstacles, and ensure that requirements are met, proper testing is done, and deployment is fully completed with the least amount of disruption to your business. We also offer additional on-site support for all our projects. We stick it out until you are completely satisfied.

Our Support Hours _

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8 AM to 6 PM Central Time. Our engineers work from 7 PM to 7 PM Central time. We take and address any emergency issues your business may have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also handle special needs as well (shift hours, extended hours, long distance travel visits).

Managed IT Services

Network Assessments _

How is your computer network doing? We will run through over 200 metrics to assess how well or poorly it is running. We'll produce a report of our findings and discuss our recommendations.

Project Management _

We're formulate plans to upgrade equipment, software, and services and manage the project completely. We'll provide timetables and meet with you to discuss progress reports.

Network Monitoring _

We will monitor the health of your network, services, and servers. From the bandwidth your Internet line is using to the free space left on your server, to how busy your server is working. We monitor software and hardware events as well.

Network Maintenance _

We periodically perform maintenance tasks, updates, and check on your backups on a weekly basis. We will review logs and take appropriate actions to remedy issues before they surface and cause downtimes.

Complete IT Support _

We provide immediate mobile device, phone, desktop, laptop, server, and network support for major vendors including but not limited to Dell, HP, Toshiba, Avaya, Mitel, Lenovo, Apple, Microsoft and Cisco.

Service Request Tracking _

All your service requests get assigned request numbers and are assigned to an engineer. We will provide you updates via email or by phone. 

Lets Get Started Today _

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