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About Us _


We provide managed IT services for small to medium sized businesses in the heart of Chicago, Miami, and New York… and beyond.

We started business back in 2004, and established ourselves in the market with one goal: make IT affordable and personal for small and medium sized businesses. We offer full transparency to your IT environment, help you understand technology, and work towards IT harmony so your business can master and benefit from it.


Hector Larks _

Hector Larks - President

MSCE, MCP, Network+, CCNA


Hector Larks carries over 20 years of broad experience in Information Technology featuring Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, and web solutions. Hector knows all things PC and all things Mac. He has worked in various areas of IT, from help desk, technical support, network administration, software and web development, software and hardware engineering, and IT management for a multimillion dollar hospitality business. 

Hector A. Larks

He values security and platform independence which has resulted in him taking advantage of all the strengths and none of the weaknesses facing IT diversity in the modern world. He believes in being flexible to the business needs and in testing and evaluating solutions before implementing them into production.


Hector Larks's moral and ethical characteristics ensures transparency with all business relationships. He develops comfort and trust through mutual cooperation, understanding key business processes, and ensuring communication clarity amongst the most sensitive and complex issues. His instinctive nature to assess a situation and quickly come up with solutions has always been his key strength.


Hector Larks is highly detailed and documents everything he does. Hector brings a high level of professionalism towards getting projects done. Hector Larks has an impressive set of certifications including Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, and CompTIA Network+, as well as an Associates degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. 


He is often called upon to assume problems immediately before they achieve critical mass. He has extensive root-cause analysis experience, which gives him an advantage to troubleshoot and resolve complex issues in a timely basis. He methodically works through the challenging issues bringing calm and confidence to the people around him. Hector Larks is even keeled, his emotions do not swing dramatically, which is very important for the challenges of IT work—particularly field IT work.


Major Projects:


  • Windows Small Business Server Migrations

  • Server Physical to Virtual Migrations and Administration

  • Exchange E-Mail Migrations and Administration

  • Database Migrations and Administration

  • Migrations to/from Microsoft Office 365

  • Office Relocations and Moves 100+ Users

  • Network Upgrades and Expansions

  • Large Scale Remote Desktop Implementations

  • Desktop/Laptop imaging and rapid deployment

  • Level 3 Troubleshooting

  • Colocation Services

  • Mobile Device Management

  • PC/MAC Coexistence Implementations

  • Vendor liasons


Hector Larks
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