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2018 U.S. Breach Volume by Industry

46% Businesses

29% Healthcare

11% Banking

8% Government

6% Education

Attacks are being more specific and more sophisticated. It always starts with something so benign and ends up devastating. A very common attack is RANSOMWARE.


A simple e-mail from a known sender can be spoofed to make you click on a link or send confidential or financial information. That link sends you to a web-site asking you to confirm your legitimate credentials to access the document. You provide your credentials not knowing what's to come.


The site then provides you a file and it downloads and runs. Next thing you know you are locked out of your computer, you can't access your files, they are all encrypted, and your employees are getting emails from you to do the same thing you just did. Your network is saturated with bot traffic from your computer infecting other computers and back out to the internet.


Then, the ransom comes in and you are forced to pay someone you never met. The e-mails and files on the cloud and the server are being encrypted not erased. You pay but your company files, client files, financial databases are gone never to be seen again.

Your financial data, your client's data, credit card information and sensitive information is out on the dark web market being auctioned for the highest bidder.

Your business insurance doesn't cover you and you are personally facing serious legal ramifications due to this damage.


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